Facebook Connect allows you to connect your website to your station or business Facebook page.

In this section, click the green Manage Facebook Connection button to bring up the Facebook Connect window, then click the blue Facebook Login button to connect.

Facebook Connect allows both General Blogs and Jock Blogs to push posts to Facebook.

Facebook Connect also allows you to share your Photo Galleries to Facebook. For more details on Photo Galleries, you can check out our article here: https://intercom.help/envisionwise/en/articles/2104964-photo-galleries

Reset and Reconnect Your Facebook Account

Note: If you are having any issues on resetting and reconnecting your Facebook page for your website, contact us at (217) 239-0975 or support@envisionwise.com, and we will be happy to help!

Managing One Facebook Page

If you need a user to only have access to the one Facebook page the station / website is connected to while hiding the extra ones, contact us at (217) 239-0975 or support@envisionwise.com and we will be happy to make this change in the Admin.

Facebook Widget

Is your Facebook Widget NOT showing up correctly on your website?

This usually has something to do with Age/Country Permissions

They should match the image below:

Need More Help? Use the Support icon in the bottom right for help,

call us at 217-239-0975, or email us at support@envisionwise.com.

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