This tool allows you to create and edit photo galleries for your website.

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How To Create a Photo Gallery

In order to create a photo gallery, there are 4-6 steps.

  • Step 1 - Click on the "Tools" menu.

  • Step 2 - Click on the "Photo Gallery" menu.

  • Step 3 - Type in a name for your photo gallery

  • Step 4 - (Optional) Share your gallery for other websites within your group.

  • Step 5 - (Optional) Share your photo gallery to Facebook.

  • Step 6 - Click "Add Gallery" to add the gallery.

How To Edit a Photo Gallery

In order to edit a photo gallery, just click on the photo gallery's name.

Listed below are the options for a photo gallery:

  1. Add Photo to Gallery - An option to upload one photo / image to your gallery at a time. Though optional, you can also set up captions for it. If you need to upload multiple photos / images in one upload, refer to #3.

  2. Sort Photos - An option to manually rearrange your photos / images in your gallery.

  3. Batch Upload - An option to upload up to 20 photos / images at a time. If you need to upload just one photo / image, refer to #1.

  4. Download Photos - An option to download all the photos / images from the gallery.

  5. Cover Photo - An option to set a photo / image as a cover for the gallery. It can be seen when viewing the list of galleries in the Photos page on your website.

  6. Grey Box - A box containing fields to edit a specific photo / image.

  7. Trash Bin Icon - Clicking on this icon will allow you to delete the photo / image of your choice. Once it is deleted, there will be no way to get it back.

Editing the Photo Gallery's Settings

By clicking on the Gear icon next to any photo gallery, you can edit the settings for it.

Listed below are the options available in the settings:

  1. Photo Sorting - An option to change the Sort Order for the gallery. Can be set to Default, Oldest to Newest, or Newest to Oldest. Leave it to Default if you wish to manually rearrange the photos / images.

  2. Gallery Name - Options to change the gallery's name, in addition to change the gallery's URL / page slug.

  3. Gallery Visibility - An option to hide or un-hide the gallery from users on the website.

  4. Gallery Ratings - Options to allow users to vote on photos / images in the gallery.

Here are the fields for Gallery Ratings:

  • Allow users to vote on photos? - The field to enable or disable the ability for users to vote on photos / images in the gallery.

  • Rating Style - The field to change the rating style for photos / images. Can be set to Single Vote Button, Rating 1-10, Star 1-5, or Thumbs Up/Down.

  • Vote Limit - The field to adjust the limit for the amount of times users can vote on photos / images.

  • Vote Frequency - The field to adjust the frequency to how many times users can vote in relation to the Vote Limit.

  • Vote Count Visibility - The field to enable or disable the visibility of votes on the photo gallery's page. Regardless of which one you set it to, you can still view the vote in the back-end when editing the gallery.

Sharing Photo Galleries

To add any Shared Galleries to your other sites, you must click the View Shared
Galleries button then add the galleries to your site.

If the Share option was not enabled for a gallery, you can follow the steps below.

Sharing Photo Galleries on Facebook

To share photos / images on Facebook, create a new gallery with the Facebook checkbox (as shown below and highlighted in Step 5 at the top of the article) selected. You would need to connect your Facebook account through the back-end of your website first before you can use this option. On how to connect your account, click here.

If the photos / images do not share on Facebook, please contact us at 217-239-0975 or at

Photo Contest

The best way to do a photo contest:

Step 1 - Create a photo gallery for the contest.

Step 2 - Click the Gear icon next to your gallery to open the settings for your gallery.

Step 3 - Hide the photo gallery.

Step 4 - Create a custom form that allows photo / image uploads (when adding a Image Upload field - you will be able to select the gallery to be tied to your form). You can check out our article below on how to create a custom form here:

Step 5 - Create a slider graphic for your flash gallery / image slider. Link this image to the page with the contest details and custom form to enter. Let people enter all the way up to your deadline.

Step 6 - Set a deadline for submissions, then disable the stack item displaying the custom form on the contest page, allowing no more submissions. Setting up a schedule for the stack item will make it automatically disable without the need to disable it manually.

Step 7 - Go back to the photo gallery's settings, un-hide your photo gallery, and enable voting.

Step 8 - Create a graphic that now links the viewers over to the photo gallery to vote on their favorite photo.

*Friendly tip: You could add sponsors to this contest page or gallery page.

If you need further help with Photo Galleries you can e-mail us at or call us at 217-239-0975

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