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Key Points

  • Standard pages are generally indicated by a "Blank Page" icon in the Admin.

  • Standard pages allow you to add content to the page in "Stack Items"

  • Different "Item Types" can be added

  • The items in the stack can be moved around using the "Drag and Drop"¬†arrows tool

  • Items can be scheduled to appear/disappear from the page at specific¬†dates/times

  • Each item has settings

Key Topics

  • Adding an item to a page

  • Scheduling an item

  • Deleting an item

  • Moving an item up or down

  • Edit an item's settings

Adding an Item to a Page

Step 1 - Fill in the "Item Name" field

  • Enter the title of the item. The name will display for your item on both the Admin (the back-end) and on the website (the front-end).

  • If you wish for your item to have no name to display on the website, we do not recommend leaving this field blank. This can be turned off through the stack item's settings.

Step 2 - Select an Item Type

Select a type for your stack item. There are many types you can choose from, but 90% of the time you will be utilizing the "Content Editor" and "Ad Zone" types.

Step 3 - Select "Add Item"

Selecting "Add Item" will add the item to your page.

Schedule (Optional)

Set up a schedule for the stack item to enable / disable on specific dates and times. This is optional and these fields should be left blank if the item is to be placed on the page immediately and remain on the page.

Scheduling an Item

Step 1 - Click the "Clock" icon

Click the icon to access the scheduler pop-up for your stack item.

Step 2 - Set Up the Schedule

In the scheduler, use the pop-up date pickers, or input the following information manually:

  • Begin Date - The date you wish the item to appear on the page.
    Date Format: MM-DD-YYYY

  • End Date - The date you wish the item to disappear / expire from the page.
    Note: The item will still be available on the admin side after its end date.

  • Time - The specific time that the action is to take place. It must be set up for both the Begin Date and End Date in the scheduler.
    Time Format: HH:MM AM/PM

Step 3 - Click "Update Schedule"

Clicking "Update Schedule" will set up the schedule for your item.

The "Clock" icon will be replaced and a new icon will indicate the status of the item. Regardless to what it changes to, you can still click on it to update the schedule.

"Yellow Eye" Icon - The stack item is disabled from displaying on the website until the Begin Date and Time has been reached.

"Green Eye" Icon - The stack item is displaying on the website as the Begin Date and Time has been reached.

"Red Expiration" Icon - The stack item is disabled from displaying on the website as the End Date and Time has been reached.

Deleting an Item

Step 1 - Select the "Trash Bin" icon at the right of the item

A confirmation box will appear when you click the icon.

Step 2 - Select your answer from the pop-up confirmation box

Select "Yes" to delete the item.

Note: Once an item is deleted, there will be no way to get it back. It is best to be sure there is nothing important in the item before deleting.

Moving an Item Up or Down

Step 1 - Select and hold the "Arrows" icon at the right of the item

With your cursor, hold down left-click on the icon.

Step 2 - Move the item

While holding down left-click on the Arrows icon, drag the item up or down in the list.

Step 3 - Set the item

Release the cursor. The item will automatically be saved in its new position.

Editing an Item's Settings

Step 1 - Select the gear icon

This icon is to the left of the stack item.

Step 2 - Edit the settings

The pop-up "Settings" box will appear containing item-specific settings and the general settings:

Item Specific Settings - Vary by item.
Item Display - Contains the settings for the entire stack item.

  • ID: The ID of the stack item. Can be copied and pasted in the Share Item ID field for another stack item.

  • Visibility: Change the visibility of the stack item on your website.

  • Class Name: Apply CSS classes to your stack item to change how it looks or functions. If you need a special style set up for the item, you can contact us at or at 217-239-0975.

  • Share Item ID: Makes the stack item display the same content as another stack item. To achieve this, copy and paste the ID of one stack item into this field. This option may not work for all stack item types.

  • Background Color: Change the color of the stack item's background.

  • Background Image: Change the background of the stack item with an image.

Item Headline - Contains the settings for the stack item's headline.

  • None: Turn off the item's headline from showing up on your website.

  • Text: Turn on the item's headline on your website. Has a field to change the name of the stack item and its headline. This affects both the back-end and on the website.

  • Image: Replace the item's headline on your website with an image.

  • Header URL: Apply a HTML link on the item's headline.

Item Styles - Contains the style settings for the elements in the stack item. Since the LinkedUpRadio / Envisionwise team had set up the styling for your website, you do not have to worry about using the settings here.

Step 3 - Select "Save Changes"

Selecting "Save Changes" will save any changes made to existing items.

Learn how to use the Pages and Subpages section under the Menu and Pages tab of our content management system in this overview video:

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