Step 1 - Fill in the "Item Name" field

  • Enter the title of the item. The name will display on both the Admin (the back-end) and on the website (the front-end).

  • If you wish for your item to have no name to display on the website, we do not recommend leaving this field blank. This can be turned off through the stack item's settings.

Step 2 - Select an Item Type

Select a type for your stack item. There are many types you can choose from, but 90% of the time you will be utilizing the "Content Editor" and "Ad Zone" types.

Step 3 - Select "Add Item"

Selecting "Add Item" will add the item to your page.

Schedule (Optional)

Set up a schedule for the stack item to enable / disable on specific dates and times. This is optional and these fields should be left blank if the item is to be placed on the page immediately and remain on the page.

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