Add pages here that are not intended to be created directly into the main menu as sub-pages. Additional pages "live" in the admin panel until they are linked to another page.


     Can I see an additional page before the public sees it?

     Can I place a custom form on an additional page?

Can I See An Additional Page Before The Public Sees It?

     Yes. Add the additional page, then click the link to the right of the page name to
     open the page. This link is the only way to get to the page until you link some other
     site element (ex: Flash gallery image, text, headline, etc.) to the additional page.
     Use the "internal link" list that appears throughout the admin panel and in all
     editors, to link to additional pages.

Can I Place A Custom Form On An Additional Page?

     Yes. Create your additional page, then add a new item to that page selecting
     "Custom Form"
as the item type before selecting "Add Page". Once the custom
     form item has been added, select the settings gear icon for the item (left of the
     item name), go to form settings, and select the proper form. If the form you want
     does not appear in the drop-down list under form settings, then the form does not
     yet exist and must be created under Tools > Custom Forms.

     Admin Side:

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