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Note: A Jock page like this can be found by selecting any Jock in the On Air/Personalities menu tab

     Admin View:

Key Points

     Must be logged in as a jock user type

     Jock blog must be enabled on the personalities setup screen found at                  Tools > On-Air Tools > Personalities & Staff > Edit Personality (pencil icon)

     Jock blog posts will display by default on the station's personality/jock page

     Jock blog posts can also be displayed in other areas of your website.                    Contact LinkedUpRadio for assistance with displaying your jock blog posts          in other areas, such as your homepage

Key Topics

     Adding a new jock blog post

Adding A New Jock Blog Post

     Step 1 - Select the pencil icon or "Add New Post"

          Under the jock stuff tab, select "My Blog". Select "Add New Post", or select the
          pencil icon to edit an existing post. 

     Step 2 - Fill out the post details

          For best results, fill out all fields:

               Title - The title of the blog post. 

               Schedule - Automatically posts at the current date/time. Change the
               date/time only if you wish to publish the post at a specific date/time in the

               Status - Set to "Published" and the blog post will be published according to
               the scheduled date/time. Set to "Draft" if you wish to return and edit the post

               Excerpt - The excerpt contains a quick synopsis of the blog post. (Simply
               copying the first sentence or two of the blog post into the excerpt is also

               Post Image - The post image will be used on Facebook and in certain blog
               post templates on your website. 

               Body - Use the content editor to add the content to the body of your blog
               post. Add text, images, video, and more! 

     Step 3 - Select sharing options

          Choose your posting options. Post your blog post to your station website,
, Twitter, and/or email the blog subscribers all with one click!

          Note: If you do not see the available Facebook or Twitter options when posting
          your blog post, visit the social (Intercom) tab on the bottom-right of Admin or
LinkedUpRadio to learn more.

     Step 4 - Save post

          Once the post has been saved, it will post to your site according to the schedule
          dates. If you have selected "Draft", the post will not publish.

          Your changes will be saved. Visit your website at this point to verify that the
          changes have saved.

     Admin Creating A Blog:

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