This is a feature that lets you edit the general settings of your gift certificates. These are what you can add or edit in:

  • A Default Disclaimer for all certificates

  • Display for Sold-out Certificates - Can be set to "Hide sold out certificates on my website" or "Display sold out certificates with a "sold out" message".

  • Payment Processor - You can edit your PayPal or info.

  • Pickup Address, or the address where people can pick up their certificate.

  • Processing Fees, or the fee for shipping the gift certificate.

  • Delivery Options - You can set up the option on if the certificates can be shipped to a customer's address, if they can be picked up in person, and / or if they can be printed online.

  • Your Business Logo

  • Front End Columns - Adjust how many certificates (up to two) can display per row on the website.

Once you are all set with the settings, you can click the Update Settings button at the bottom of the page.

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