To display your blog in your RSS/Blog Feed stack item, you would need to select a feed. If you need to set up a new feed from another source, email us the RSS feed link at and we will be happy to help set it up for your website.

Before you start, click the gear icon next to your RSS/Blog Feed stack item and select "RSS Feed Settings" in the pop-up.

Listed below are the settings you can set up for your feed.

  • Opens In: Change how the posts in the feed will open in the web browser

  • Item Limit: Set up how many posts you wish to display in the feed. The maximum is 30.

  • Date Display: Change how the publish date for posts are displayed. Relative displays an approximation on when a post was made, while Absolute shows the exact publish date and time.

  • Layout Template: Change how the posts can be displayed on the page. There are many layouts you can choose from, so you can experiment with each one until you find one that works best.

  • View All Option: A View All button will display at the bottom of the feed, which will allow users to access the blog the feed is displaying when clicked on. You can enable or disable it with this option.

Need More Help? Use the Support icon in the bottom right for help,

call us at 217-239-0975, or email us at

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