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The YouTube tool allows you to set up YouTube Channels to function as feeds - to display the channels' videos through a list on your website. It is similar to setting up feeds for your General Blogs, although the process is different.

Before you can get one working as a feed, you would need the YouTube Channel ID. Channel ID's are required for the tool so our system can recognize what channels you are trying to set up. The process on finding the ID's may vary depending on the channel.

Method 1: Finding the ID for your YouTube Channel via Settings

If you have your own YouTube channel, you can easily find your channel's ID through your account's settings. You can follow the steps below on where to look.

  1. While logged in on, click on your account icon at the top-right

  2. In the drop-down, click "Settings"

  3. Select "Advanced Settings"

  4. Copy the line of text in the "Channel ID" box

Method 2: Finding the ID in a YouTube Channel's URL

For other channels, a way to find the ID is to look in the YouTube Channel's URL. In the URL, you would have to copy a piece of a slug or text.

Take this sample YouTube Channel URL as an example:

The piece to copy would be what's after "channel/", which would be something like this:


Depending on the channel you copied it from, it will be your ID you can use for the tool.

Note: Make sure there is no other text copied with your ID, or our system will not recognize the ID.

Method 3: Finding the ID in the Source Code of the YouTube Channel's page

For many YouTube Channels, the ID's can be hidden from plain sight - with some channels having their URL looking something like this:

Regardless, you can still find the ID's for the channels through the Source Code. To achieve this, you can follow these steps:

Note: If the channel's URL has "c" instead of "user" (e.g., there is no guarantee you will find the ID with this method.

  1. Right-click on any spot on the YouTube channel's page, and select "Inspect" (Google Chrome / Microsoft Edge) or "Inspect Element" (Mozilla Firefox / Opera / Safari).

  2. In the DevTool / Developer Tools pop-up, press CTRL + F on your keyboard and type "channelid". Press the Up or Down Arrow keys / buttons until you see the code line <meta itemprop="channelId" content="...

  3. Highlight the ID within the quotations next to "content" and copy it.

Note: Make sure there is no other text copied with your ID, or our system will not recognize the ID.

Once you have your ID copied, go to Social > YouTube in the back-end of your website and paste the ID within the "Add Channel" box.

  • The channel will be added to the Current Channels list after you click the "Add Channel" button.

  • It will take around 10 minutes or less for the channel to be fully added in the back-end.

Admin Side:

With the new YouTube Channel added, how can I set up the feed on my website?

On any page or column, you would need to create a YouTube Channel stack item. The images below will show how to get one set up.

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Website Side:

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