General Blogs are series of posts that can be pushed to the website with different template options. Unlimited blogs can be added to the system and placed either on the homepage or an internal page.

Before you start creating or managing your blogs, log in to the Website Admin - or the back-end of your website.

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Creating a Blog

1.) Click Tools > General Blogs

2.) Fill the fields in the green Add New Blog box, then click the Add Blog button.

  • Title: Add a name for your blog

  • Description: Add a short description for your blog

  • Alerts: If turned on, it will provide E-Club Members an option to opt-in and receive alerts when a new post is made for the blog.

3.) Congrats! Your new blog is now created.

Creating or Editing Blog Posts

1.) Click Tools > General Blogs

2.) Click the Pencil icon next to your existing blog

3.) Click the Pencil icon next to any existing blog post to edit them, or click the Add New Post button to create one

  • Title: Add a name for the post

  • Author: Add the post's author

  • Date: Adjust the post's publish date

  • Time: Adjust the post's publish time

  • Status: Change post status to Draft to save content without publishing

  • Excerpt: Set up a short summary for the post; it will display in some RSS feed templates on your website.

  • Post Image: The main image for your post. This image will be displayed on the post's page as well as most RSS/Feed templates on your website, and will be the image attached to your post if you choose to share it to Facebook or Twitter.

  • Blog Content: The content of your post

  • Newsletter Subscriber Sharing Options: Check this box to share the post to your subscribers via e-mail

  • Social Media Options: Options to push your post to Social Media. These will not show up unless you have a Facebook and/or Twitter account connected to the back-end of your website.

Click here to learn how to connect to Facebook

Click here to learn how to connect to Twitter

Adding a Post:

Editing a Post:

Adding a Blog to your Homepage

1.) Click Menu & Pages > Menu Pages > Home

2.) Add New Item in the green box, then click the Add Item button

  • Item Name: Type in the name of your item

  • Item Type: Select RSS/Blog Feed

  • Click the Add Item button

3.) Click the Gear icon to Select a Feed and adjust the Feed Settings

4.) Click the Save Changes button in the pop-up once you are finished

Click here for details on the RSS Feed Settings

Note: The RSS/Blog Feed stack items can be added to other pages aside from the Home section.

For details on how to add your blog as a sub-link to your existing navigation (or menu tabs) on your website, click here.

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