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The Assessment Tool

Picking which elements you want to grade saves time, and you'll generate valuable data as well.

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Saving Time and Getting the Data You Need is the Name of the Game.

If you prefer to view a video on this topic, here you go!

When you set up an assignment in the teacher dashboard, you have the option to select a rubric-based assessment. Just check off the elements of the essay you would like to grade. When you do this, you are effectively throttling the assessment you will do, saving yourself a lot of time.

The Assessment

When you are ready to grade, you'll go to the Hive, click on the student's avatar and pull up the assessment view in the sidebar. From here you'll grade only the elements you've selected, and those sections of writing will automatically scroll into view and appear prominently highlighted. You'll appreciate the ability to move quickly from student to student.

The Data

Individual class data based on your scoring comes up in this view. Students' rubric scores will be averaged. You can access this by clicking the "View Assessment Report" located at the bottom of each groups' Hive view.

The Big Picture

Having access to data over time allows teachers, schools, and districts to truly understand how students are progressing as writers. Over the course of just five or six essays, you will capture some very powerful data.

Students Have Access to Their Own Data As Well

This is what an individual assignment looks like from a student's point of view.

And this is what over-time data looks like from the student POV.


You are welcome to use the standard essaypop rubric markers (we're very proud of them), but you may also develop your own customized rubrics. This article shows you how.

Enjoy Using the Assessment feature!

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