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Selecting the Perfect Writing Template For Your Students
Selecting the Perfect Writing Template For Your Students

Different writing tasks call for different structures. Here's an overview of different templates essaypop offers.

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Getting Started

Remember, with essaypop, you can either select a pre-made lesson from our lesson library (just click the "Library" tab to start shopping) or create your own lesson using our creation wizard (accessed by clicking the "Create" tab). Either way, you'll need to decide what format or structure will best suit the type of writing your students will be doing.

The Lesson Library

Choose from hundreds of pre-made lessons and search by structure type

The Lesson-Creation Wizard

When creating your own lessons with our wizard, you will select a structure type.

Let's Take a Look at the Different Template Options

The Quick Write

As the name indicates, this template is perfect for a quick response that does not require a specific paragraph or essay structure with a proper topic sentence, evidence, analysis, etc. This is perfect for a warm-up, a "getting-the-temperature-of-the-class reaction, or a brainstorm. A single writing frame is generally used (but this can be added to), and the teacher and students can still communicate and leave commentary in the Hive.

Here's an article that goes into more detail about the quickwrite template works.

The Short Response

The short response can range from a simple paragraph-length response to a longer power-paragraph (or essay paragraph if you prefer). Whatever you call it, the short response template does include the basic elements of an essay -- a hook, a thesis or topic statement, evidence, analysis, and a closer. The writer can add more of these elements to create a more elaborate composition. The short response is the perfect length for essays that will be written in 60-70 minutes or less.

Here is an article that goes into more detail about how short-response essays are constructed.

The Multiple-Paragraph Essay

Longer, multiple-paragraph papers will use a template that allows the writer to "pre-announce" upcoming body paragraphs with sub-theses in the introductory paragraph. Any multiple-paragraph composition, including the five-paragraph essay, can be tackled using this template.

Here is an article that goes into more detail about how multiple-paragraph essays are constructed.

The Narrative Short Story

Of course, essaypop isn't just for writing essays. The narrative/short story template is perfect for short fiction and personal narratives. Like the multiple-paragraph essay template, stories are written and navigated from left to right. The help content in the sidebar is more oriented towards concepts such as characterization. setting, dialogue, and narrative action.

Here is an article that goes into more detail about how narratives and stories are constructed.

The Free Form

The minimalist, free-form template allows the writer to build an essay "from the ground up". It begins with a single text frame, and students select the elements they need to build their essays from there. It's a great way to build an essay together as a class or to challenge students to build their own templates.

Creating Custom Templates

Finally, with essaypop, teachers can easily create their own customized templates. Need a special lab report template, a journalistic feature article template, something for AP test practice? Just build whatever you need.

This article and this article shows you how.

Enjoy using essaypop!

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