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From the frame-writing method to the interactive Hive environment to the comprehensive lesson library, essaypop is a game-changer.

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Let’s get you up and running!

This is the definitive starting place for new essaypop users. Learn how to onboard your students, set up your classes, and monitor their work. We advise you to bookmark this article as you will be referring to it often.

Essaypop beginners and veterans alike refer to the articles in our Help Center consistently. Comprehensive and well-organized, you’ll have access to this 24/7 when you click your avatar at the top-right part of the platform.

We’ve put a lot of our best ideas on video, so head over to our YouTube channel and dig in. We have everything from basic tutorials to advanced stuff. Feel free to subscribe too, and as always, bookmark it on your essaypop tab.

Here is a product run-through presented by essaypop founder, Michael Hicks, an English teacher who has taught in Los Angeles for more than 25 years. It's a comprehensive, webinar-style demo that covers just about every element of the platform.

While a lot of great help content for students is accessible directly in the writing-frame area, the Style Guide is a great place to find explanations, examples, and lesson inspiration. It resides in our blog for easy access.

We, at our core, are a bunch of nerdy English-teacher types, who love nothing more than to talk shop...and by “shop” we mean all things writing-related (essays, narratives, even quick writes!). We’re giddy about grammar, style, syntax, rhetoric, analysis, counterargument, AND rebuttal. Our blog has tips, opinions, musings, -- Oh, and don’t forget our mixtapes! We’ve concocted 20 contemplative, Spotify playlists that are scientifically designed to relax teachers and to lull students into a state of seemingly on-task behavior.

If you've been put in charge of training your team here's how to run an approachable training session for teachers and administrators who are learning how to use the essaypop platform. You'll basically be guiding your folks through an actual writing lesson. There will be debate and there will be laughs.

And remember, Help is only a click away with our chat feature. The chat icon is located at the bottom-left of your page view. So if you have a quick question, or you have a brilliant idea that you want to share, just ping us and we’ll get right back to you.

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