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Integrating with Stripe
Integrating with Stripe
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Integrating Event Temple & Stripe allow customers to pay Event Temple Invoices online with a credit card. When a customer makes a payment on Stripe, it goes directly to your bank account. Think of Stripe as a digital POS (Point of Sale) and credit card processing system, connected to Event Temple

There is an initial set up process which involves connecting your bank account. When you choose to use Stripe with our software, you are selecting them as a payment vendor and you do so at your own discretion, enter into a relationship with Stripe as you would with any new software vendor & ensure any key stakeholders are involved in the decision.

IMPORTANT - prior to connecting to Stripe ensure your Organization's currency is correct. Stripe will process payments in the currency you have selected within your Organization Settings.

How to Connect to Stripe

  1. Create Stripe account at:

  2. Go to Settings > Integrations > Online Payment

  3. Select "Connect with Stripe"

4. Follow the prompts in the wizard to connect the account you've just created. Once connected the following will appear

Accepting Stripe Payments

Stripe payments are made via Invoices. Within the Invoice options, the setting is checked by default on new Invoices. If you do not wish to accept a Stripe payment for a specific Invoice, uncheck the box.

Customers viewing an invoice with this option checked and without a payment schedule will see the option to pay the full amount:

Customers viewing an invoice with a payment schedule will see the familiar pay button:

What Happens when a Stripe Payment is Made

  • The assignee of the Booking will get a notification from Event Temple. It's also possible to set up notification via your Stripe account if needed.

  • It will show under the Payments tab as well as the relevant Invoice and Event (if applicable).

Stripe Refunds

Refunds processed in Stripe do not automatically sync in Event Temple. After processing a refund in Stripe, you can manually post the refund in Event Temple and attach it to the relevant Invoice.

Please reach out to Stripe support directly for more information on how to process a refund in Stripe.

Saving Credit Card Information with Stripe

We offer a secure option to save your clients' payment details for faster and more convenient transactions in the future. This can be especially helpful if there are potential future charges related to the service, such as cancellation or no-show fees.

This can be enabled via Settings:

  1. Click on Settings

  2. Choose Organization

  3. Click on Invoice Settings

  4. Scroll down to where it says Online Payment

  5. Tick the check box to turn it on.

Once enabled, customer credit cards will be captured when they make online payments on their Event Temple invoices. The information can be found under the payments method tab in Stripe:

Screenshot 2023-06-12 at 6

As part of this feature, we have also made it possible to view a link to the stripe payment associated with an online payment record:

Event-Temple-Stay-on-top-of-it (1)

Important Considerations About Stripe

  • Stripe is an independent, third party company that you connect to Event Temple. Stripe charges 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction (subject to change). This is a fee strictly between the user (you) and Stripe. Event Temple cannot impact or change these amounts. We recommend visiting to learn more about their features and processing fees.

  • Stripe will process payments in the currency you have selected within your Organization Settings.

  • Event Temple links to one Stripe account only. It is not possible to have more than one Stripe account linked to an Event Temple subscription.

  • If you are part of a multi-organization chain, each organization will need to be linked to a separate Stripe Account.

  • Stripe is modern, easy to use, secure and the global standard in payment processing for software companies and that is the core reason we have chosen to integrate with them for payments at Event Temple however please note that Stripe is only available in some regions of the world.

  • Stripe can be connected to third party accounting programs and other applications that are separate from Event Temple

  • If you are attempting payment on a new Stripe account & come across the 'spinning' icon, this is generally due to your Stripe Account not being enabled for Payments. Please contact Stripe & ensure your Account is enabled.

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