Absolutely not! We are actually the anti-gambling. We founded EverUp with the ambition to turn gamblers, unbanked and financially vulnerable individuals into savers.

Gambling puts your money at risk. With EverUp your money is never at risk, as you don’t use it to play our games and lotto. You only use the virtual coins we award you depending your savings behaviour.

Here are three reasons why EverUp is different to gambling:

1. In order to gamble you need to have something at stake. Something of value (money or money equivalent) which can be lost when participating in an activity (a bet, a lottery, a raffle, any other game). At EverUp nothing at all is at stake when you enter our prize promotions. Gambling implies a payment (stake), an element of chance and something of value to be won. When there is no stake the proposition falls under the category of prize promotion.

2. Prize promotions like the ones we have at EverUp are commonly run by several other UK companies across a number of sectors. We are applying them to savings!

3. Prize-linked saving accounts with draws and cash prizes are offered by other UK banks and Credit Unions. A prize-linked savings scheme underpins the Premium Bonds offered by the NS&I. EverUp too offers a prize-linked money account, but digitally-native.

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