Is everup gambling?

gambling; is this gambling // is EverUp a gambling app

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Absolutely not.

everup was created with the goal of transforming individuals, including gamblers, the unbanked, and those financially vulnerable, into savvy savers.

Unlike gambling, where your money is at stake, everup ensures your funds are never required. Our games and lotteries use only virtual coins, awarded based on your shopping habits, not real money.

Why everup is Different from Gambling:

No Stake at Risk: Gambling requires risking something of value (money or its equivalent) in activities like betting, lotteries, or raffles. At EverUp, there's nothing at stake when you participate in our prize promotions. The absence of a real-money stake means our offers fall under the category of prize promotions, not gambling.

Common Practice in Various Sectors: Prize promotions similar to everup's are widespread among many UK companies across different industries, demonstrating their legality and ethical standing.

Aligned with UK Financial Offers: Our model aligns with prize-linked offers found in the UK's financial sector, including banks and Credit Unions. It's akin to the prize-linked savings schemes of Premium Bonds offered by NS&I.


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