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What is considered as Proof of Address?
What is considered as Proof of Address?

valid proof of address // address verification

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Please do not send letter headers or half pages as they are not valid proof of addresses.

Individuals that chose to register with an ID form different to the UK Driving Licence are required to provide Proof of Address. The following documents are considered as Proof of Address:

  • Utility bill (gas, electric, satellite television, landline phone bill) or a Bank, Building Society or Credit Union statement or passbook, issued within the last three months

  • Local authority council tax bill for the current council tax year

  • Current UK driving licence

  • Original mortgage statement from a recognised lender issued for the last full year

  • Solicitors letter within the last three months confirming recent house purchase or land registry confirmation of address

  • Council or housing association rent card or tenancy agreement for the current year

  • Benefit book or original notification letter from Benefits Agency (but not if used as proof of name)

  • HMRC self-assessment letters or tax demand dated within the current financial year

  • Electoral Register entry

  • NHS Medical card or letter of confirmation from GP’s practice of registration with the surgery

Only a full page pdf copy of the above documents will be considered as proof of address.

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