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How does the Million Lotto work?
How does the Million Lotto work?

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In order to play the Million Lotto, your balance in virtual coins has to be higher than the amount of coins required to participate in the game. Please refer to the in-app product page for the coins amount required to enter the game.

You can play as many entries as you want per draw (limit of entries per draw changes from time to time), depending on the balance of your coins but you can play 20 entries at the time. This is simply to make sure in case of slow connection all entries played are transmitted to our system in a timely manner.

For each line in the Million Lotto you will have to select 8 numbers between 0 and 9 and one fruit symbol. If you match all of the numbers including the fruit symbol you win the Jackpot prize of £1,000,000*!

More prizes are available depending on how many numbers and symbols you match.

"Pick for me" will create a random entry while if you select your number "Add choice" is the right option.

Once you select your entries they will be displayed at the bottom.

Press play and you are set for the next draw.

If you tap on "View my entries" you can see all entries for the next draw and the green one is the one that is on us. Yes, you get one free entry per draw no matter your cash account status.

*Effective 10/08/2023 the Million Lotto £1,000,000 Jackpot is paid as a 40-year annuity. Please check the Competition Rules on our website at for more information.

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