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How do I refer friends to everup?

Referring friends to everup is simple and rewarding!

Here's what you need to do:

To get started, simply tap the referral icon located in the app's menu.

Then follow these steps:

  1. Invite Your Friends: Share your unique referral link with friends and invite them to join the everup community.

  2. Phone Number Verification: Ensure both you and your friends verify your phone numbers on your everup accounts to participate.

  3. Redemption by Friends: Once your friends redeem £10.00 or more in Cashback or winnings...

  4. Earn Your Rewards:'ll earn £5.00 per valid referral + coins depending on your tier:

Understanding the £10.00 Redemption Threshold: We're committed to generously rewarding our customers. However, to maintain the integrity of our referral program and ensure the sustainability of our business, we've set a £10.00 redemption threshold. This policy helps us in verifying genuine users and preventing any fraudulent activities, thus ensuring a fair and rewarding experience for everyone.

Tier Advancement Bonuses: Remember, climbing to a higher tier brings you additional bonus coins:

  • Upgrade from Bronze to Silver for a reward of 5 million bonus coins.

  • Move from Silver to Gold to receive 10 million bonus coins.

  • Ascend from Gold to Platinum to secure 15 million bonus coins.

Raffle Booster Enhancement: Each tier upgrade automatically boosts your default raffle booster. You also have the option to manually increase this booster for even greater rewards 🚀.

In summary by referring others to everup you will get:

  • £5.00 per valid referral

  • Plus millions of coins per referral

  • Plus bonus coins when you go up one tier in status

  • Plus automatic raffle boosters applied to your automatic raffle entries

Start spreading the excitement of everup and reap the benefits of our tiered referral rewards!

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