Our unique colour-coded visual sales tool allows you to see where clients sit within your sales process so you never miss following up on important business leads. 

Creating a consistent approach for every lead, prospect and customer

Access your Sales Pipeline by clicking the Pipeline icon at the top of your page.

Each Company (or Opportunity) is represented by a coloured tile & contains a
top-line summary of important information. 

  1. The total number of days the company has been in your Pipeline. 

  2. The number of days in its current Phase.

  3. The next Activity planned to earn their business. 

  • To learn how to Add An Opportunity to an exisiting customer click the link.

The Company tile will turn:

 YELLOW: If it is starting to age. 

 RED:  If it's spent too long in the current Phase of your Sales Process.

  • If the icon is Blue the activity is PLANNED FOR THE FUTURE

  • If the icon is Green the activity is DUE TODAY 

  • If there's a Red Caution sign there is NO ACTIVITY PLANNED

To view what these icons mean please click the link

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