Set up your sales process with Exsalerate.

Everyone's sales process is different.

Exsalerate provides a suggested sales pipeline that you can adapt to suit your requirements

Create your Pipeline

To set up the different phases of your sales process click on Settings and 'Phases'

You can edit each of the sales phase titles in the Display Value column

Now map each phase to either leads, prospects, customers, or suppliers in the menu position dropdown

Exsalerate will colour code the main dashboard of the company/opportunity based on what the phase is mapped to:

Leads (purple)

Prospects (green)

Customers/suppliers (blue)

*Note stages mapped to Archived will not appear in the global search bar at the top of your page in Exsalerate.

Now apply 'weighted values' to your pipeline ie: the value increases as the lead progresses through the sales process.

The sales pipeline is a tool to track new business, we recommend using the Account Management Dashboard to nurture your existing customers

Toogle filters to view segments of the sales pipeline by ticking and unticking columns within the sales pipeline dashboard for more information click here

Check out how to get the most out of your pipeline

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