Hide or expose different Phases in your pipeline so you can view the most relevent information to your business.
*We recommend only showing the pre-customer phases (lead/contact made/needs defined etc) on your pipeline.

Click: Pipeline

Simply check the phases you want to load on your pipeline as shown below & Exsalerate will remember your selection. 


Company Detail:

The Standard view displays all phases in your sales process & the next activity planned to win the business.

The Compact view enables a top line view of everything in your pipeline without all the company/account details & activity details. 

Group by:

Simply change the 'Group By' option to Closing & Exsalerate will rearrange your pipeline based by estimated closing date. Can then manipulate these deals by dragging & dropping each deal to the updated estimated closing month.


Apply a Weighted Value for each of the phases within your sales process (i.e new lead vs. proposal sent would have differing weighted values to your business).
Exsalerate enables you to switch between the Un-Weighted value of each of the accounts (total value of the sales pipeline) & the weighted value so you can focus resources in the right places to close more deals. 

To set up Weighted Values for each of the phases in your pipeline please click this link

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