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Upload Companies To Exsalerate
Upload Companies To Exsalerate

Upload companies/customers into your Exsalerate account

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Customer/Company Data Upload

Download the Customer Upload Template and assign Account managers, Industry Types, Rankings, Regions, and more.

Please note

  1. You must have a Link ID for each company. Exsalerate matches and saves Contacts, Activities, and Sales Data to each company via the Link Id during the upload process. You might have a unique ID for each company in a download from your previous CRM, if not you'll need to create one for each company. 

  2. You must set a Phase for the company to be saved to, so make sure you've set up your sales process first and correctly label each company accordingly so that leads and customers are separated. 

  3. You can only add one contact per company in the company upload template, if you have multiple contacts per company you will need to use the contact data upload template. 

Drag and drop your saved .xls file into the upload window

Download the contact upload template from the settings menu and load contact details under the correct heading.

*Note you must enter the company Link ID so that each contact is correctly matched to their organization in Exsalerate. 

A list of all field descriptions is on the second tab of the contact data upload spreadsheet.

Drag and drop your saved .xls file into the upload window.

Activity Data Upload

This is where you can import historic activities and notes from an old CRM system, you will need to apply the company Link ID to each activity so that it gets correctly matched to the company and contact when uploaded. 

You will need to specify the activity date, it is best to use the date format YYYY/MM/DD so make sure you convert all activity dated to this format. 

You will also need to ensure your Activity Type is setup in Exsalerate before uploading otherwise your upload will fail. See setting up Activities. 

Make sure you check out the Field Descriptions tab on the template, this contains information about each field and lists the mandatory fields required for the upload to work. 

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