Add contacts/people to existing company profiles in bulk to your Exsalerate account via the contact upload template

Access the contact upload template via the data upload centre

Download the contact upload template

See below contact upload template - add values to the fields listed below

Note: You need to enter the company Link ID (unique Exsalerate company identifier) so that each contact is correctly matched to their organization in Exsalerate

Tab 2 of the upload spreadsheet gives field descriptions for your reference

Save your changes as an Xls. file and drag & drop it into the upload window, this will take time to process so please do not refresh your page. 

A green confirmation message at the bottom of your page tells you the upload is complete

If you wish to upload companies to Exsalerate in bulk please refer to the company upload template

If you wish to edit your existing company/client data download the bulk data file, make the changes and upload it back into Exsalerate

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