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Phases In Your Sales Pipeline
Phases In Your Sales Pipeline

The stages of your sales pipeline that new leads/opportunities move through until they are invoiced (won)

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The stages/phases in your Exsalerate sales pipeline are fully customizable to suit your business requirements:

  • Edit phase names

  • Choose the display order of the phases in your pipeline

  • Specify the length of time a lead/deal should spend in each phase before they change color - blue, yellow, red

  • Hide or show phases based on what you wish to view in your sales pipeline via toggle filters (column)

Sales velocity is prompted by a traffic light warning system indicating the length of time a lead/opportunity has spent in each phase

You can change the number of phase days in the setting menu

Activities are colour coded to prompt users to take action if they are overdue (red)

Activity symbols an exclamation sign warns if there is no activity planned to progress the business

Change phases:

There are two ways to change the phase of a new lead/opportunity:

  • Drag and drop to the next phase in the pipeline dashboard

  • Open the client dashboard and scroll across the top to change the phase

When you have WON the business and are ready to invoice drag it down into the WON box on the sales pipeline dashboard so it moves into a customer phase.

Customize the phase your WON & LOST box maps to in organizational settings

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