Prioritise & customise your workflow by making sure the important information is visible on your ToDo List 

VIEW (Group By)


Group your ToDo List by Date to clearly see the activities you need to complete & when, it will also show the overdue activities colour-coded in Red on the left-hand side of the To Do list. 


Group your ToDo list by Sales Phase.

If you are at the end of the month & you wish to close as many deals as possible, view all the Activities you have planned for customers sitting in the Closing Phase & focus energy on these opportunities. 


Let's you view the various notes that have been entered regarding activities planned & are colour coded to prompt you to take action. 

A colour-coded top-line summary of all the activities within your ToDo List.


Use the Columns selector to choose the different pipeline Phases you would like to view on your ToDo list. 


Activity Type
Sort your ToDo list by Activity Type to drill down into the types of activities planned to win more business. 

Sort by the Time activities are due, you can drag & drop each tile to prioritise your day/week. Exsalerate automatically updates the Activity Due Date based on where you drop the tile within the date range


Sort your ToDo List by a particular Activity type, for example, you might want to view 'only' the Follow-up Calls within your ToDo list


If you manage a team you can view all of your Staff's To-do's by various Roles to ensure staff are concentrating on activities that fit their Role description

You can choose to view a particular staff member's ToDo list (depending on your access level) to ensure activities are planned to deliver the sales results

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