Company Data Upload

Download our Exsalerate template to view all available fields, you can assign companies to Account Managers, Industry Types, Rankings, Regions and so much more.

  1. Go to Settings - Click the Heading Settings. 

  2. Click Company Upload, download the Exsalerate template and add the data, then upload company data file by dragging and & dropping.

Some important things to note

  1. You must add a unique Link ID for each company, so we can match and save Contacts, Activities and Sales Data to each company during the upload process. You may already have a unique ID for each company in a download from your previous CRM, if not you'll need to create one for each company. 

  2. You need to set the correct Phase for the company to be saved to, so make sure you've setup your sales process first and correctly label each company accordingly so that leads and customers are separated. 

  3. You can only add one contact per company in the company upload template, if you have multiple contacts per company you will need to use the Contact Upload Template. 

Check out the video below. 

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