Exsalerate enables you to identify issues & allocate resources effectively to keep your business moving forward with visual prompts.

Colour Coding:

Blue: All is well, this company/opportunity is progressing through your pipeline within the expected timeframe.
Orange: This company/opportunity is taking slightly longer than expected to move to the next Phase in your Pipeline.
Red: This company/opportunity is taking longer than expected to move through your pipeline.

To set the number of phase days for each colour code - head to the settings


  • Red Caution sign there is NO ACTIVITY PLANNED

  • Green the activity is DUE TODAY 

  • Blue the activity is PLANNED FOR THE FUTURE

  • Red the Activity is OVERDUE

The icons themselves relate to the type of activity that's planned:


Follow-up Activity

Phone Activity

Meeting Activity

Email Activity

WorkflowMax Job

Other Activity

As all the symbols above are green that indicates the activity is planned for today. 

The icon will be Blue if planned for the future 

Red if overdue. 

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