From Outlook you can:

  • Add new companies directly to your pipeline.

  • Create follow-up activities.

  • Add new people/contacts to existing companies.

  • Choose the company/opportunity your email is saved to (if the person is saved against multiple companies in Exsalerate).

  • Record the type of email you're sending.

  • Save attachments to the documents tab in Exsalerate.

Simply download the Microsoft 365 for Business Exsalerate add in by clicking the link and follow the instructions below

**Please ensure you have version 2016 or later of Outlook 365 for Business

If you are not logged into your Microsoft 365 For Business Outlook Account

enter your 'Outlook Email Address' and 'Outlook Password'

(The email address is the same as the email address you use for Exsalerate)

By clicking Continue you agree for your Microsoft Outlook 365 for Business account to connect to your Exsalerate Account.

Next, click Show Exsalerate

Now authorise Exsalerate to talk to Outlook 365 for Business

Click 'Sign In' and enter your Outlook Email Address (It's Your Exsalerate User Name) plus your EXSALERATE PASSWORD then click 'Validate Credentials'

The two platforms are now linked

Now choose your 'Default Email Activity Type i.e: what's the most common email task you will complete.

The drop-down menu will display all email activity types you have set up in your Exsalerate account, e.g New Business Email, Follow up-Email etc. (You can change this at any time in Exsalerate Activity Settings)

Now set the 'Default Follow-Up Activity Type' which will then be added to your To-Do list

Click Save & Continue to finish up.

Enter an email address in the To Field and you should see the Exsalerate add-in on the right side of your page, make sure you PIN IT to keep it there

If the contact email address exists in Exsalerate it will pre-populate the customer name and give options re which company/opportunity it should be filed to. 

If the contact does not exist, you will be offered options to match it to either a company or opportunity or you can create a new company/contact profile within Exsalerate by typing in the details then click Create

Exsalerate will prompt you to set up a Follow-up Activity to retain or win the business so check or un-check the box based on what you wish to happen.

Set the Type of Activity from the drop-down menu, the date and time. 

To send emails it's a 2 x STEP PROCESS from Outlook Inbox:

1st STEP

Click the Exsalerate Button to save a copy to Exsalerate if you have created a follow-up activity this will also be added to your to-do list.

  • If you do not click Send to the contact (this email will not file in your Outlook Sent box) as you have not authorised Outlook to send it yet.

2nd STEP

Click Send to actually send the email to the contact from Outlook (this will now save in your Outlook Sent Box)

To forward historical emails to Exsalerate (that have already been sent) simply find the email in your sent box and forward it.

Type the email address of the recipient in the To Field, Exsalerate will find the contact/company and then click Exsalerate without clicking Send from Outlook.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

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