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Draft Xero Invoices in Exsalerate
Draft Xero Invoices in Exsalerate

How to create a draft invoice for approval in Xero from Exsalerate

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When you win business create a draft invoice in Exsalerate and push it across to Xero for approval.

If a customer exists in Xero you will see a Green Xero icon, if it's Orange click the Xero icon and this will add it to your Xero account.

To create a draft invoice for the business you have won, click Invoices

*Note: Make sure you update the phase to customer as you are about to invoice for their business. 

When you click Add Invoice fill out the invoice details and click Save, an email will be sent to the users you specified in your initial Xero integration settings to notify them an invoice is awaiting their approval. 

A direct link to the invoice in Xero will be available under the invoices tab of the company within Exsalerate for easy reference. 

This is how the draft invoice will present in Xero

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