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Outlook Calendar Integration

Create meetings in Outlook & record the activity in Exsalerate

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Install the Outlook add-in by clicking get add-in's on your Outlook home screen or go to Microsoft Appsource to download the app. Follow these instructions to connect Outlook to Exsalerate, once installed click the Show Exsalerate button

Create a meeting activity in Outlook, enter the email address in the 'to' field and Exsalerate will match the email address to the company they belong to.

If the attendee is linked to multiple companies or opportunities, click the drop-down and select the correct one. This will then save in the right place with the relevant notes etc

Choose the meeting type from the drop-down menu powered by Exsalerate. Your administrator can update the types of meetings in the organization settings menu within Exsalerate at any time.

Before you send your meeting invite click the Exsalerate button and this information will flow through to your Exsalerate account.

When you are ready click the send button to send the invite via Outlook. The meeting activity is created in Exsalerate against the company the contact belongs to and it also appears in your to-do list

Following the meeting, you can add additional notes to the meeting activity that will save against the client profile for the rest of the team to view if required.

If the attendee doesn't exist in Exsalerate you are able to create a new company/contact profile from Outlook which will appear as a new lead in your sales pipeline.

If you wish to add a new contact to an existing company simply search for it and create the new contact record from Outlook.

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