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How do I design a good profile?
How do I design a good profile?
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Your FAIRLING profile can be considered as your own exhibition stand in our virtual trade fair. Therefore, it should be very appealing so that shops fall in love with your brand. The following tips should be considered when preparing your profile:

1. Make sure that even an Outsider understands your brand

Shops that visit your profile will not always be familiar with your products (yet). Therefore, it is very important that they clearly understand what your brand is worth and why your products are a good fit in their assortment. Make sure that your profile follows a common thread - and show yourself as an expert in your niche! Think in advance of the arguments you have for a shop to list your products and clearly show them in every picture and text.

2. Use a unique subtitle

The subtitle of your profile will be visible as a small explanation of your brand in the virtual trade fair. It should be meaningful enough so that everybody understands what you are offering - but also interesting enough so that you stick out. Make sure that the subtitle is centered around your products and clearly communicates your USP (Unique Selling Point). Only if shops understand the essence of your brand - and why your products are special - they will want to further get to know your brand.

3. Use your best profile pictures

You can upload up to 15 profile pictures that describe your brand. Make sure that you only use high-quality pictures so that your products can shine. Here are some picture ideas that we recommend using:

  • Lifestyle Pictures: Pictures of your product in use are often more attention-grabbing than simple product shots.

  • Close-Ups: It is often the small details that make people fall in love with your products.

  • Packaging: A really important part of your product is the packaging - which will be visible to the shop's customers right away.

  • Shop Pictures: Shop owners love to see examples of how your products can be displayed in stores

  • Team Picture: Add a personal touch by showing the persons behind the brand to potential clients.

  • Info Graphics: Especially if you have a product that is not easy to understand it might make sense to prepare a fancy yet simple info graphic.

Please keep in mind that the first profile picture will be visible as a preview image in the virtual trade fair. Therefore, it is important that you use your strongest picture as the first picture in the slide show.

4. Write a convincing description

Your description text can be considered as a little sales pitch that you do to the stores. Make sure that you include all the relevant information that shops need to understand in which way they can profit as a business from your items. Clearly communicate the benefits of your products and what makes them special. Also, it can be a great idea to describe your background story and mission for branding purposes. Keep in mind that concept stores do not only want products - they also want to introduce the amazing brand behind them to their customers.

You can find out more about how to write a good description text here.

5. Show that you are already listed in stores

The stockists' section of your profile is a great way to show that you already have resellers and therefore, are used to doing wholesale. It also can be a strategic tool to show that your products are already listed in well-known Concept Stores (which can be a huge competitive advantage). Therefore, we highly recommend filling in this section and regularly update it.

6. A video says more than 1000 words​

You can add one video to your profile using a Vimeo link. This can be seen directly by the store owners when logged in to the platform. You can use your video to explain your products or for visual branding purposes.

7. Upload an informative product catalogue

In this section, you can upload 2 product catalogues (max. 20MB) to give shops more information about your brand and products. Please keep in mind that the catalogue is often downloaded by the stores that are interested in getting in touch. Therefore, make sure that they become even more interested through the layout and information that you provide.

Here are the things that should be included in your product catalogue:

  • A small introduction of your brand (make sure that they understand your USP and background story)

  • Your Products (also including further information, e.g. material or quality labels)

  • Prices (both the Wholesale Price and the Recommended Retail Price)

  • Conditions (such as minimum orders and shipping)

Use your best images in the catalogue to make sure that shops further fall in love with your brand. If your catalogue becomes very long, please don’t forget to add a table of content for more structure.

In case if you need a template for your product catalogue, feel free to read the Help Center article on this.

8. Show your Bestsellers

In the Product Highlights, you can show 3 different products. It makes sense to either use this section to highlight your bestsellers or show your different product ranges. Keep in mind that those will be the first products that shops will see more in detail when they visit your profile. Therefore, you should both emphasize your strengths in this section and also make sure that the information you provide is easy to understand.

In case if you only have one or two products, feel free to picture one of your values or another lifestyle picture, so that it doesn't look empty when having only two highlights.

9. Make sure that you can be found

You can select up to 2 business sectors and a high number of relevant product categories to give shops a clear understanding of your product range. Shops can also filter through these categories when they search for brands in our brand search engine. Therefore, make sure that all relevant categories are included so that you are visible.

You have finished your profile and are not sure whether it is convincing? We are happy to give you feedback in your free Onboarding Call!

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