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How do I write an appealing description text?
How do I write an appealing description text?
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Your description text is first and foremost about getting to know your brand and giving it an identity. In case if you don't know already how that works, we recommend the article on how to create a brand for your business.

You can build a connection to your customers with the very first sentences.

It's always a good introduction if you tell them about you, your brand, and your story first - before you tell them about your product.

"Brand storytelling is using a narrative to connect your brand to customers, with a focus on linking what you stand for to the values you share with your customers."

But what exactly does it mean?

  • "Narrative", in this case, means storytelling. A story includes characters, setting, conflict, rising action, climax, and dénouement. So you should tell your target audience more about you and your story to reach them emotionally.

  • "What you stand for" alludes to the essence of your brand. It’s not the product you sell, and it’s not to make money. It’s the driving force behind your business, and it differentiates you from the competition.

  • "Values" are the character traits of your brand that define it. Shared values always form a good basis - use them to convince customers of your brand.

The external appearance is also very important in the description text

When you have to read a long text, with no paragraphs or headings, the content can still be very exciting - however, you definitely do not enjoy reading it.

Accordingly, it is important to organize your text according to content. Divide it by paragraphs and structure it by headings. This way, the reader knows exactly where he/she is and can understand you better.

Good to know:

To make some words or whole sentences in your text bold, you need to use the <b>and</b> key combination at the end without using a dash in between.

The illustration below shows you a rough structure of a description on your profile. Of course, you don't have to structure your text exactly like this. But you can see which contents should not be missing in a description text.

In summary, if your values, goals, vision, and USP can be clearly communicated, you have a good description. Your story adds a personal touch and can help to connect your potential customers with your brand.

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