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Do you have any best practice advertisements that I can use as inspiration?
Do you have any best practice advertisements that I can use as inspiration?
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FAIRLING advertisements are the best way for you to reach out to potential customers on the platform. In our article „How do I design a convincing advertisement?“ we showed you some interesting tips on how to design a convincing FAIRLING advertisement. In this article, you will find 3 advertisement examples from different business sectors that you can use as an inspiration for your own activities:


Business Sector: Furniture & Interior, Design & Gifts


Florario is a brand that sells sustainable flower vases. The unique selling point of the brand is that the vases are handmade, some of them are even upcycled. Additionally, the vases are designed by local designers in Europe. In the title of the advertisement and the description text of the advertisement, the brand focuses on important product features. By clearly listing them the brand can make sure that the features stick out at first glance. We round off the advertisement with high-quality images clearly showing the product.


When it comes to targeting Florario focuses on the most important business sectors, which are „Design & Gifts“ and „Living & Interior“ for their type of vases. As product categories the brand tried to narrow down the selection of shops as best as possible. Here Florario thought of products that their ideal target shop might have in its assortment. This does not only need to be the original product of the brand. That's why Florario chose "Plant accessories" and "Flowers" as categories in addition to "Vases". The categories "Home Accessories" and "Gift Articles" are suitable categories to reach all kinds of shops that also carry smaller gift articles or interior pieces.


THE ZERO WASTE COMPANY (Eco-certified & Vegan Cosmetics)

Business Sector: Cosmetics & Beautycare


In the Zero Waste Company advertisement, several components are used to create a compelling title. Important product features are mentioned (such as vegan and refillable) and special conditions are pointed out to create a fear of missing out. The description of the advertisement goes into more detail about the benefits of the products. In addition, the shop owners are addressed directly - because the brand is looking for shop owners with the same values and a similar attitude.


In the targeting, The ZERO WASTE COMPANY focusses on shops with a sustainable mindset. For the business sectors, the brand selected four sectors: Fashion & Accessories, Design & Gifts, Furniture & Interior and Cosmetics & Beauty Care. This is because this kind of beauty product can also be imagined in concept or fashion stores. As product categories, the brand chose beauty and fashion categories that are fitting with the brand's mindset to make sure that the right shops are addressed.


bandanagirls (Multifunctional scarfs made in Berlin)

Business Sector: Fashion & Accessories


bandanagirls is a young brand founded by two sisters that focuses on multifunctional scarfs. In the advertisement, important product features are listed, such as the multifunctionality and that the scarfs are upcycled. Additionally, the title also shows that the product is currently trendy (and therefore, a good match for shops with a trendy mindset). The background story of the brand, which adds a certain charm, is in the foreground of the advertisement text. The text ends by highlighting the benefits that the scarfs will have for the shop owner (they can create a very own collection fitting to the shop-needs).


As Business Sectors the brand selected those in which their products tend to perform best: „ Fashion & Accessories, Design & Gifts, Furniture & Interior“. When it comes to the product categories bandanagirls chose sub categories out of the fashion field to try to hit the target group as accurately as possible.

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