How do I write a proper invoice?
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Your invoice is an important part of a completed deal. It is not just a piece of paper but defines very precisely the agreement you have made with a buyer. In the invoice, your goods are assigned a corresponding value and price. At the same time, the invoice assures both parties that this deal will take place or has already taken place.

Usually, invoices are sent digitally by email or by mail.

When do I send the Invoice?

Invoices can be sent either:

a) after the order is placed and before the products are delivered or

b) after the buyer has taken delivery.

In case of b), it makes sense to send out a document called Purchased Order first. This document will specify the exact order as well as the conditions so that you will receive the requested payments.

What does an Invoice contain?

If you are unsure what to include in your invoice, you can use the list below as a check.

Good to Know:

  • Even if your invoice is an official document and follows a clear structure, feel free to include a personal thank you note. This gives this very official document a little personal touch.

  • Especially at the beginning of your wholesales process, it makes sense to work with an invoicing program including templates. This makes it easier to create your own invoices. With the digital program, you also have a good overview of your invoices.

  • The figure below shows you how a possible invoice should look like.

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