How do I create a brand for my business?
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What you should know: any good marketing strategy involves a clear understanding of what your brand stands for. In addition, sellers should immediately see why they should choose your brand over another. Both points can be easily summarized by one business term: branding.

Not everyone has already found the right branding for themselves when they start. It's totally normal to be inspired by different websites and brands, soaking all the different styles, colour palettes, and graphics.

But let’s start with one simple sentence, that will help you understand what you’re trying to achieve:

Branding is a way of communicating your business strategy + values + personality.

Branding is not just about finding the right design and logo. It is so much more: it's the vibe, the energy that surrounds it. It's also the way you make your clients feel and interact with them.

You should come up with an appropriate brand strategy that is reflected in all your customer touchpoints. Therefore, you should not change your branding drastically and too often. It should rather be a big part of your company's identity.

Answer these Questions to find a Branding fit for you:

After you have found your answers to these questions, it is important to structure them. Branding can be divided into two categories:

  1. Your Content
    • your Unique Selling Point
    • your story, your vision & mission
    • your important & consistent information
    • fill your content with love! ♡

  2. Your Visual Appearance
    • high-quality pictures
    • always use the same font & style
    • use your best images & texts
    • create your individual logo

Once created your branding, make sure that your branding can be found in every part of your marketing strategies and that you always stay true to yourself & your vision.

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