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What does it mean to ship goods on commission?
What does it mean to ship goods on commission?
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You as a brand can define and determine a lot in your shipping conditions on your profile. Here you can specify, for example, whether you sell only from a minimum order, give price reductions at a certain order value, or your general shipping options.

When you select, for example, one of your product highlights, you will be asked to provide the following next to the picture:

Also when you place an advertisement at FAIRLING. You first create your ad text and upload matching photos of your products. Below you will be asked to specify your conditions. These include the wholesale price and options for a possible minimum order.

At the top right you will find a checkbox: "On commission".

But what does that mean exactly?

Selling on commission means that you offer your products initially "for free" to the shop and you receive the payment once the product is sold to the end consumer. For small stores, in particular, this point can be crucial. Since they only have to pay for the products they have sold, they do not have to commit to many products. So if you as a business owner can offer to ship your products on commission, this can be an advantage for you.

You can also offer "on commission" only for certain products or orders (e.g. the first order). This way, store owners may be able to test selling your product when it might otherwise be too risky for them and the deal wouldn't happen at all. When selling on commission, it is very important to clearly define in advance when the payment, etc. will take place to avoid misunderstandings.

Since you are the one selling your products, you too can set the rules: make sure to communicate your conditions clearly to shop owners so that misunderstandings can be easily avoided.

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