How to receive re-orders?
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After a single order, of course, one should not immediately lean back. After the order is always before the next order. So how can we ensure that we get the second, third and generally regular repeat orders from our customers?

Stay in touch

Customer loyalty is the name of the game! Be sure to stay in your customer's mind. So you should proactively inquire whether your products have arrived and also ask after a short time how the products have been received in the shop so far. At least thank them for their order afterwards, e.g. with a nicely designed thank-you email.

Not only at the beginning - but also over a longer period of time - it makes sense to contact the shop. How are the products received by the customer? Try to get feedback on a regular basis. This can help you to optimize your products, but it also shows the shop that you are making an effort.

You should definitely use these follow-ups to inform customers about new products or discount offers, to provide them with material for their online shop, etc.

Tip: Network with the shops that carry your products on social media. If you show your end customers that your products are now available in shops near them, the shops can repost your posts. This way you can benefit from your reach and stay in touch.

If you have a store finder on your website, add the shop!

Make everything as simple as possible

Nobody likes complicated processes. So make sure your customers always have an excellent buying and customer journey.

This starts with the very first contact, of course, but should continue at least at the same level after the first order. So make sure that ordering from you again is as easy as possible.

That certain something

To make yourself stand out, even more, you can get the attention of your customers in a variety of ways. So always actively ask your customers if you can offer display materials, for example, so that the products are positioned even better. Do you have limited editions that your customers should not miss? Or is there even the possibility to personalize products so that the shop can get the perfect products according to their own wishes? Do your products or packaging vary seasonally? For example, do you offer gift wrapping for Christmas?

All this can be a nice addition to your good customer experience and can therefore be the deciding factor whether the shop orders from you again or opts for an alternative.

Create incentives

To go one step further, you can of course create incentives for your customers that make ordering again seem even more attractive: Can you offer your customers better purchase prices over time? Does your minimum order value change for repeat orders?

You could also reward your customers who order a lot from you: e.g. through a bonus program. With each order, your customer collects a percentage or a number of points on their customer account. These can be exchanged for a discount or free products for future orders.


Make sure you always remember how important it is to keep a customer. Acquiring new customers costs money, of course, but it's even nicer when these costs are reduced because you can keep these customers for years. Feel free to read more about the value of being listed in a local shop here.

To add even more personality, it's usually a good idea to include something personalized in your package. You could place a personal card in the package.

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