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How do I create a price list and an order sheet?
How do I create a price list and an order sheet?
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What are price lists and how are they structured?

Price lists give an overview at what price point you want to offer your products at.
The following information should be included in a price list:

  • item number and description (size & color if possible)

  • product photos for better visualization

  • relevant product information (materials, etc.)

  • minimum order quantities (MOQ)

  • wholesale price (WSP)

  • recommended retail price (RRP)

  • currency

  • taxes

It is important to add shipping information as well, so that customers can see what additional prices they need to pay for shipping and delivery. For shipping conditions you should add the specific country to where the products are being shipped, the needed delivery time, order size and shipping cost. Don't forget to have a design that is similar to your product catalogue and aesthetically pleasing to look at.


What are order sheets and how should they be structured?

An order sheet is a document that is used by buyers to request products from a wholesaler. The following can be found on an order sheet:

  • items that are being ordered (item number and description)

  • quantity of items

  • price per piece

  • price per pack

  • subtotal

  • taxes

  • total amount

Additionally, the customer's name and delivery address should be included. On the order sheet, the shipping cost, order size should be found and finally the signature of the client to ensure that the order that has been placed is binding. Don't forget to convert your order sheet into an editable PDF, so that it is easier for customers to fill out. Alternatively, it might make sense to offer it as an Excel, Google Spreadsheet, etc. to save your customers some work while doing the calculation.

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