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How can I create a (simple) Bundle?
How can I create a (simple) Bundle?

A step by step explanation on how you can easily create a Bundle.

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Trying to create a simple bundle containing a specific set of products? It's super easy! Here's how to do it:

1. Click on "Create new bundle"

Click on the "Create new bundles" button located on the Home or Bundles tab. This will open up the bundle creation menu for you.

2. Choose bundle type

Choose the type of bundle you wish to create. In this case, we choose the "Bundle" which allows us to create a simple bundle containing a specific set of products.

3. Select products

Select the products you want to bundle together.

Search product by name

Or by SKU

Searching by SKU will only bring up one product at a time, as it matches the entire string of product SKUs. To find a specific product, enter its exact SKU in the search bar.

4. Set discount

Determine the type of discount you want to apply to the bundle. Then, set the amount of that discount.

5. Name your bundle

Choose a name and title for your bundle and fill in the information and media.

6. Bundle As Product

For the (simple) Bundle, the bundle as a product will be created by default when you create and save the bundle unless you "Disable the product creation".

How to show the bundle in cart and order

You have to choose between these 2 options (You can specify this setting while creating or editing the bundle):

  1. Show the bundle as a single product (Single BAP)

  2. Show the bundle as included products (Multi BAP)

if you have more questions about the two different ways the BAP can be added to the cart, check out the article below:

7. Choose where to show your bundle

You can have your bundles displayed on the product pages of the included products. Or have them on the dedicated "Bundles page".

If product creation is enabled, a product page is created for the bundle product and you can view the bundle there too.

More displays

​You can also display your bundle on other pages. Check out this complete article on How to display my bundle on my shop:

8. Set start and end date

Set a start and end time for your bundles. Your bundles won't appear in your shop outside of this time period.

9. Click on the Save button and you are done!

View your bundle on your shop

You can view your bundle on your shop from the "View on Store" button in the right-hand corner of the "Create bundle" page. The drop-down options are based on where you have chosen to show your bundle.


Check out our demo store to have a better view of the "Simple Bundle".

YouTube DEMO tour

You can also check out the Fast Bundle demo tour on YouTube for step-by-step instructions on creating bundles and more 😉

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