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How do bundle discounts combine with other Shopify discounts?
How do bundle discounts combine with other Shopify discounts?

This article describes everything you need to know about how bundle discounts can combine with other Shopify discounts.

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Shopify merchant: Hi! I have a promotion discount that I wish to combine with bundle discounts. Is that possible?

Yes! You can set up other automatic discounts or discount codes to combine with Bundle Discounts in the order.

Fast Bundle bundle discounts at checkout

How Do I Enable Discount Combination?

To enable the bundle discount to be combined with other discounts, you have to make sure the bundle discount is combinable with other Shopify discounts and, your other discounts are combinable with product discounts.

1. Turn On Discount Combination in Fast Bundle

Go to Fast Bundle "Settings" > "Bundle settings" > "Discount combination", and choose the "Allow bundles' discount codes to be combined with other product discount codes which are combinable" option, and save it. See the image below.

2. Make Sure Your Discount is Combinable with Product Discounts

In Shopify, each discount you create falls into one of the following classes, depending on what the discount applies to:

  • Order discount

  • Product discount

  • Shipping discount

When you choose to allow a discount to combine with other discounts, you can select which classes of discounts it can combine with.

Fast Bundle discounts are Product Discounts

Fast Bundle discounts are classified as product discounts. Therefore, if you want to combine them with other promotion discounts, those discounts must be combinable with product discounts.

In the Shopify panel, go to Discounts and check the "Product discounts" box in the Combinations section for the discount you want to combine with bundle discounts.

Other things to bear in mind

There are a few things to bear in mind when considering discount combinations:

Only one product discount will apply to a specific product

Note that Shopify does not allow multiple product discounts to be applied to a single "product". So imagine that you have a bundle ABC (product A + product B + product C with a 15% discount) and another 10% discount for all of your products in your shop, including A, B, and C. If a customer adds A, B, and C, Since Fast Bundle discounts are considered as product discounts (except free shipping discounts) they will get the 15% discount, not the 10%, and not 10% * 15%. If they add product D, they will get 15% off A, B, and C and 10% off on D. (Better available discount will be applied but not both)

Order discounts

Right now, if you make a Shopify order discount and set it to be combinable with "Product discounts", the order discount may not combine properly with the bundle discount since this feature is new. If the combination didn't work, you can contact Fast Bundle support to check whether it's possible to manually activate it for you.

Shopify limitations on the number of discounts

  • You can have a maximum of 25 automatic discounts active on your store at one time. (This limitation has nothing to do with Fast Bundle and Fast Bundle discount codes are not counted in this limitation.)

  • Customers can use a maximum of five product or order discount codes and one shipping discount code on the same order.

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