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What is Buy X Get Y (BXGY) and how do I create one?
What is Buy X Get Y (BXGY) and how do I create one?

Learn what a Buy X get Y bundle is and how to create one.

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Buy X get Y is one of the Bundle types offered by Fast Bundle.

Here we have two sets of products.

1 ) Products the customer buys (x)

2) Products the customer gets (Y)

If a customer buys the specified number or amount from the first set (X), they will get a type of discount, whether be a "Fixed discount", "Percentage discount" or "Free gift(100% discount)" on the products of the second set (Y).

How to Create a Buy X get Y bundle:

  • On your Fast Bundle admin page, click on "Create new bundles".

  • Choose the "Buy X get Y" Bundle.

  • Choose whether you want the X and Y to be products or collections.(We continue based on the product)

  • Choose the products the customer buys(X).

  • Choose the products the customer gets (Y).

  • Specify the type and amount of discount that you want to assign to products the customer gets. (Y). You can choose among three discount types: "Percentage discount", "Fixed discount" and "Free gift(100 % discount)".

  • Set "Name", "Title" "Description" and "(start or end) Time " for your bundle. Then press "Save" and you are done.

Here you can see a preview of how your bundle will look (as an example).

X and Y as products

X and Y as collections

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