Why are bundles not showing anywhere?

Step-by-step instructions for when bundles are not showing anywhere on your shop.

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If your bundles are not showing anywhere on your shop, please follow the following steps.

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1. Check if You've Reached Your Plan Limit.

First, check if you've reached your plan's limit by going to Settings > Plan and checking your Plan Details.

  • If you haven't reached your limit, proceed to the next step.

  • If you have reached your limit, please upgrade to the next plan or wait until the next cycle for your bundles to be displayed again.

2. Check if the Bundle has expired

Check that the Start and End times of the bundle are set correctly to ensure it is displayed. For this, check the 'Active dates' in the Edit Bundle page.

3. Make Sure Fast Bundle is Active on Your Theme

Go to the "Online store" > "Themes" > "Customize" > "App embeds".

From the apps, search for Fast Bundle,

Toggle on the radio box and save.

​By this step, your bundles should be visible in your shop. If not, check the next step

4. Make Sure Fast Bundle is not in the Theme Code

Some long-time users may have a code in the theme to activate Fast Bundle. However, it's crucial to only activate Fast Bundle using 'App embeds' in the theme for activation.

Therefore, we need to ensure there's no Fast Bundle code in the Theme.liquid file.

How to Remove the Fast Bundle code from my Theme.liquid file:

  1. Go to Shopify admin > Online store > themes > your live theme > Edit code.

  2. Search for the "theme.liquid" file and click on it.

  3. Search for these three lines of code related to Fast Bundle remove it and save. (As a general hint, this three-line code is placed before the </head>)

If there are no such lines, this means that there is no Fast Bundle-related code in your theme and you're good to go.

You are done!

Now Fast Bundle is working only via the "Embed apps" on your theme.

If your bundles are still not showing after taking the above steps, feel free to contact Fast Bundle support and our support team will look into it for you ASAP.

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