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Why aren't the bundles showing up on the "Bundles page" or "Bundle Builder", when they do show up on the products pages?
Why aren't the bundles showing up on the "Bundles page" or "Bundle Builder", when they do show up on the products pages?
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If Bundles are not showing anywhere on your shop

If bundles are not showing anywhere in your shop, check this article.

If you're getting a 404 error

If you're getting a 404 error message on these pages, please see this article to see how you can fix it.

Why are the pages coming up empty?

If your bundle widgets are showing up on the product pages but not on the "Bundles page", most of the time, it's because the "Page" section of the templates is hidden, or the HTML content of the page is incorrect.

​Page Section is Hidden on template

Since the templates assigned to Fast Bundle landing pages like the "Bundles page" and the "Bundle Builder" is the "Default page" template, if the "Page" section is invisible, then the Fast Bundle pages (including the Bundles page) won't show properly either.

The same is true if you see that your Bundle Builder or Bundles page is showing up as an empty template or if it shows you a default page (Like your "About Us" page).

How to make the page section visible?

Go to your Shopify panel > Online store > Themes > Customize.

From the top menu find "Pages".

Choose "Default page".

One way is to make this section on the template visible, as you see below. Don't forget to save the changes.

​Can't make the Default Page template visible?

If for any reason, you are not willing to make this section visible, then here comes the other solution which is making a new template and leaving this section visible there.

Here are the steps:

Create a new template

Again from the list at the top find "Pages".

Click on "Create template".

Choose a name for it and make it based on the "Default page" and click on the "Create template".

Make the Page section visible on the new template

On the template you've made, check the "Page" in order not to be hidden.

​Assign the Template to the Bundle Builder and Bundles Page

After saving the changes, go back to the Shopify panel > Pages.

Locate the Bundles page and the Bundle Builder (sometimes named Mix and Match). Change their template from the "Default page" to the new template you just created.

Choose the template you made in the previous section.

Make sure the HTML content is correct

Once that's done, by clicking on the "<>" button, make sure that this code is showing there and the page is "Visible." Then Save the changes.

For the Bundles Page: <div class="rbrFastBundlePage"></div>

For the Bundle Builder: <div class="rbrBundleBuilder"></div>

Most of the time, it will resolve the issue of not showing anything on the Bundles Page or Bundle Builder, or showing a default page like the About Us page instead of the Bundles Page.

​What if a Page Section Doesn't Exist on my Theme?

Sometimes, the template doesn't have any section for the "Page content".

In this case, there is still a solution if your theme is a Ver 2.0 Shopify theme and supports the theme extension blocks.

Solution for Bundles Page

You can add the "All Bundles" block to the new template that will show all of the bundles that appear on the Bundles Page.

For the Bundle Builder​

Use the Modal Popup instead of the Bundle Builder page

For the "Mix and match" page, if the template doesn't have any section for the "Page content", you can contact Fast Bundle support to make the bundle builder show in your shop as " Modal Popup" to conquer this situation.

Insert the Bundle Builder directly into the page

If you want, you can insert the Bundle Builder code directly into the template that you've created.

Check out this article to find out how:

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