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How to create the "Product Mix and Match" Bundle?
How to create the "Product Mix and Match" Bundle?

Instructions on how to create a Product mix and match bundle.

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To create a "Product mix and match" bundle please follow these steps:

1) Tap on the "Create new bundles" button on the home page.

2) Then, choose "Product mix and match" from the options.

3) Search and select the products from the "Bundled products" section.

In "Discount options," you can set up to 3 discount options using the "Percentage discount," "Fixed discount", "Free shipping", "No discount" and "Set price (If the mentioned checkbox isn't active)" discount types.

You can also set "Range" for each option, which means that buying a number of items within that range will result in the specified discount for that option.

You can also offer this option's discount to your customers who buy more than the specified number of items by selecting "Allow users to buy extra items with this discount option."

You can activate this feature for the discount option for most items.

If you activate this feature, you won't be able to set a range for that discount option.

You can set up to 3 discount options.

​Choose a title and write a short description for the bundle.

When creating a bundle, the product description and media can be added for the bundle as a product, which is created by default.

When you save the bundle later, you can go directly to the Shopify admin for the bundle as a product related to this bundle and add more information.

If you don't want to create a product from the bundle or want to delete it, click "Disable product creation" and save.

Click "Manage widgets" to control where bundle widgets appear.

You can select the type of widget that should display for this product mix-and-match bundle: "Inline block" or "Bundle builder popup."

Here is how each one of these options will look.

Inline block:

Bundle builder popup

The "Bundle Builder" popup opens after clicking the "View offer details" button.

More displays

If you choose "Inline block" and you open " More displays", you'll see the "Bundle ID" to be used for embedding the bundle anywhere in your shop using "Fast Bundle Blocks" and the link to the dedicated landing page for the bundle widget.

If you choose "Bundle builder popup" and open " More displays," in addition to the properties mentioned for the inline block, you'll see the dedicated link to show the bundle builder on a separate page.

The bundle builder link can be used anywhere, like the shop's main menu, for straight redirection and marketing purposes.

​Advanced settings

Only applicable to the Inline Block

​You can choose the products that customers can include in the bundle only once.

You can choose the products that you want them to be mandatory.

If you wish, you can choose whether you want the items to be preselected.

You can set start and end times for the bundle if you wish.

Tap the "Save" button to have your product mix-and-match bundle.

On the top right of the page, you can change the bundle status, edit the bundle as a product in the Shopify admin, and view it in the store.

Here is the link to the demo store for the product mix-and-match bundle.

Inline block

Bundle Builder

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