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How to create the “Frequently Bought Together”?
How to create the “Frequently Bought Together”?

Steps on creating a bundle with type Frequently bought together or FBT.

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It is easily possible to create “Frequently Bought Together” by following these steps:

1) On your Fast Bundle admin panel, click on the “Create new bundle” button.

2) Then choose the “Frequently Bought Together” type of bundling from the options.

3) Choose the type of FBT that you to make.
By "Specific product ", you choose the main and the offered products yourself.
By "All products" Fast Bundle creates FBT for your products using AI based on the previous orders. You can read more about it here. This feature is not available in the Free plan and needs an upgrade to any paid plan.

4) If you choose "Specific product" you can choose your “Main product” and “Offered products” from their own sections same as in the following photo.

5) Then choose the type and value of discount you want to apply to the bundle from the “Discount” section.

6) You can set names for the bundle for showing in the Fast Bundle panel and for showing to your customers.

7) In the placement section, you can choose whether or not you want the bundle to show on the main product page. (FBT won't show on the offered product pages nad bundles page)

8 ) Click "Save" when you are done.

There are two available designs for the FBT; Modern and Classic.

Go to Fast Bundle adimin > Customization > > Design > Product page > Frequently Bought Together > Design.

Here is how each hone of them look on the main product page.



You may want to change the place of the FBT on the main product page. You can handle this via "Fast Bundle Blocks".

To have a better preview of how the "Frequently Bought Together" will be displayed in your shop, you can check our demo store:

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