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How to embed the "Bundle Builder" directly on a page?
How to embed the "Bundle Builder" directly on a page?

Instructions on how to directly put the bundle builder on a page instead of using the widget?

Updated over a week ago

Fast Bundle offers "Bundle builder" for some of the bundle types like "Collection Mix and Match", "Product Mix and Match" and "Buy X Get Y" bundles.

How do I directly place the Bundle Builder on my pages?

You need to put this code as a custom liquid where you want to place the bundle builder.

<div class="rbrBundleBuilder" bundle-id="XXXXXX"></div>

Instead of the "XXXXXX", you should put the "Bundle ID".(Available on the Fast Bundle admin for that bundle in More displays)

So the code will be something like this:

<div class="rbrBundleBuilder" bundle-id="1e1407f9-491f-402d-b7bb-f13f268134e7"></div>

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