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Bundle Display and Positioning
How to display my bundle in my shop?
How to display my bundle in my shop?

Complete guid on how to display a bundle on your shop.

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You can pick which pages feature your bundle during bundle creation. You can also add certain types of bundles to other pages. Let's walk through an example, Nice Dress Set, to explain this.

The Nice Dress Set has two products in it: The Ruffle Top, and the Robe Dress.

The Bundle Widget

This is the Bundle widget of the Nice Dress Set bundle:

How to manage the display of the Bundle Widget

To manage displays, go to the Edit Bundle page for this specific bundle and find the "Display on Shop" section:

You can have your bundle widget displayed on these pages:

  1. The product pages of the included products.

  2. The dedicated "Bundles page".

The availability of the display options may change depending on the type of bundle you are building. For example, the Volume Discount and FBT bundle do not have a display section.

  • The Volume discount bundle is always only on the included product pages. (You can add the volume discount for specific products to other pages. See related section)

  • The Frequently Bought Together bundle is only shown on the main product page. (Cannot be shown anywhere else)

When product creation is enabled for a bundle, a product page is generated and you can disable it if you don't want a separate product page for your bundle. What is a Bundle as A Product? (This display option is different from options 1 and 2)

Choose your pages

Click on "Manage Widgets" and check the box next to the page you want the bundle widget to appear in.

View the Bundle

You can view the bundle directly from your shop or use the "View on Store" button in the top right corner of the Edit Bundle Page.

Change the position if you like

If you find yourself not satisfied with the initial location of the bundle, you can follow the instructions in this link to use Fast Bundle Blocks to make this change.

Change the design

Add bundle widget to other pages

You can add the bundle widget to other pages, such as your Homepage, or an unrelated product page using the Bundle-ID.

A Volume discount bundle that is defined on a collection or all products is not uniquely shown, so can't be displayed on any other pages but the included product pages.

Frequently Bought Together bundle can not be added to any pages other than the main product pages.

Fast Bundle Blocks

You can add the bundle widget to other pages as a block using Fast Bundle Blocks. (Using "Specific Bundle" block)

You need the Bundle-ID

All you need is the Bundle ID that you can copy from the top of the page using the "Copy Bundle ID" button, or you can find it in "More Displays" under "Embed the bundle anywhere on your theme"

How to find the Bundle ID on Fast Bundle Bundles

Read this article to see How to use Fast Bundle Blocks.

If Blocks are not compatible with your theme, you can check the following articles to use custom liquid HTML code to insert the bundle:

Landing Page

The landing page of bundles can be found in the More Displays section. This is a page showcasing only your unique bundle.

Find landing page of bundle in Fast Bundle

You'll notice that the landing page is the Bundles Page, filtered to display the unique bundle with the bundle ID:

The Landing page of Fast Bundle bundles is the Bundles Page, filtered with the bundle ID as a URL handle to display the unique bundle.

Bundle Builder

The Bundle-Builder page displays the items within the bundle in a grid format, allowing customers to mix and match their selections and add them to the cart.

Here's what a bundle builder page looks like:

Bundles that have the Bundle Builder feature

Some bundle types have the bundle builder feature. These are:

  • The Collection-Mix-and-Match

  • The Product-Mix-and-Match if the widget type is "Bundle-builder pop-up"

  • Buy X get Y (Collection based)

Check the following link to see how to add a Bundle Builder to the Main Menu.

How to Find the Bundle Builder Link?

You can find the Bundle builder link on the Edit Bundle page for each bundle. It might be in a different spot for each one. Here's a guide for each type of bundle.

PMM (Product Mix and Match):

For Product mix and match bundles that have a bundle builder option, you can find the link to the Bundle-Builder page from More Displays

CMM (Collection Mix and Match)

For Collection mix and match bundles, you can find this link in the Edit Bundle Page under Bundle builder:

Buy X get Y in collections

When you click on 'View Offer Details' on the bundle widget of the Buy X get Y with collections, a bundle builder pop-up will show up (Not a page). If you like this to be a page, you can contact support and then you'll be able to copy the page link and add it to your store's navigation.

Bundle Builder pop-up will show up after customer clicks on view offer details

Bundle as A Product

If you have created a product out of your bundle, product creation should be enabled in the display section

Product creation is only available for Standard Bundle and Product Mix and Match bundle types.

You can add this product to your collections or add it to your pages as a featured product.

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