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Bundle As a Product
What is a Bundle as A Product?
What is a Bundle as A Product?

What is a BAP? This article explains Fast Bundle's Bundle as A Product (BAP) feature.

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Bundle As a Product (or simply "BAP") is one of the most popular features in Fast Bundle which gives you the ability to create a product from your bundle.

Its own Product Detail Page:

By doing this you will be able to set a specific image and also a well-tailored description on a separate Product Detail Page for the bundle product. This feature is also known as Bundle Product, Combo Product, Offer as a Product, etc.

You can check out this type of bundle on our demo store:

Only available on two bundle types:

At the moment, this feature is only available on the "[simple] Bundle " and "Product Mix And Match" bundle types.

Note: This feature is active by default for these two bundle types when you create them unless you disable it.

When this feature is active for a bundle, we will automatically create a "virtual (dummy) product" on your Shopify products for it. We call it a virtual product because it doesn't really exist, but you can fulfill all the fields of a regular product for it. You don't need to fulfill all the fields. We only suggest you put in some meaningful images, write a description for the product, and assign it to a collection if you want.

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