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CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) is a tool that measures customer satisfaction from a recent interaction. Typically it can be a service or a product a customer has used.

The CSAT survey question could be:

How satisfied were you with the product/service you received?

CSAT focuses to measure customer satisfaction in s shorter term so it does not predict customers' future behavior. Also, CSAT score is usually supporting NPS® survey results and is thus not competing with NPS®. CSAT surveys also enable to contact customers if they are very dissatisfied with a product/service since the tool provides specific information of service quality.

After collecting your data, your CSAT score can be calculated by calculating the mean average of all the scores combined on a scale between 0 and 100. So for instance:

2 responses 100% (very satisfied)
3 responses 75% (satisfied)
2 responses 50% (neither satisfied nor dissatisfied)
4 responses 25% (dissatisfied)
1 response 0% (very dissatisfied)
Total 12 responses

(2*1) + (3*0,75) + (2*0,5) + (4*0,25) + (1*0)) / 12
(2+2,25+1+1+0) / 12 = 0,5208 = 0,52 = 52% (this is how we calculate the CSAT at Feedbackly)

52% would be considered a suboptimal CSAT score which would require deeper investigation to identify the root cause.

Another way to measure your CSAT is to simply adding up the number of customers who chose satisfied or very satisfied and divide it by the total number of responses. In the previous example, you would only consider 5 responses (very satisfied and satisfied), divide it by the total responses and your CSAT score would be 42% (5 / 12 = 42%).

There can be utilized also other customer experience KPI's, such as NPS® or CES. You can read more about NPS® here, and CES here.

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