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Editing your shared analytics
Editing your shared analytics

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If you haven't created any shared analytics links yet, you can read more about Shared Analytics and how to create a link with your shared results here:

You might want to view, edit, delete or even make copies of the shared analytics links you have created earlier.

Follow these steps to access and make changes to your Shared Analytics links:

1. Go to "Analyze" and then "Survey Analytics" tab

2. Click on the Shared Analytics tab in the upper right corner.

3. In this view you can find a full list of all the shareable links you have created along with the details of the link.

4. Click on the options-icon at the far right after each link to choose between editing, copying and deleting the links.

  • By editing the link you can easily change the settings you originally set for the link, such as what date range the receiver can use to view results, what views they are able to access and so on.

  • By deleting the link you are able to "deactivate" the shared results, so that those who has access to the link won't be able to access the results.

  • Copying the link creates a new link with the same settings. You can then change the settings for the copied result link if needed.

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